We’re Phoenix Direct. A direct-to-consumer and B2B marketing and operations resource designed to make your brand soar. We work as a team, with you and for you, to create, produce and fulfill customer satisfaction.

We are headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, with a warehouse facility and office space.

Phoenix Direct was established in 2005, endeavoring to meet the demand for cost effective warehousing and distribution. In the span of a decade, Phoenix Direct has evolved into a full-service direct marketing facility with established long-term business partners, 25 years of combined distribution experience in its leadership, and a robust team of dedicated employees.

Phoenix Direct provides a complete range of direct to consumer and business-to-business services- from initial catalogue and web design, to all back end fulfillment services. We pride ourselves in our singular ability to offer personalized services to our customers. We understand the uniqueness of our clients’ businesses, and have the ability to create services and systems that help them grow their business and delight their customers.

We strive to offer a total package — fulfillment, creative, & marketing. Our specialized services include catalog design and production, photography and marketing (web & catalog), web design and hosting, 24/7 call center services, and complete warehouse and distribution services. What we do is not typical. We help our clients get their message out, build their brand, and get their product to their customers.

More than that, we work as a team, with a client and for a client, to create a seamless interaction with customers. We not only fulfill orders; we represent a company professionally. Whether a client’s needs are for a single service, or for a complete package, concept to delivery, our mission is to take on the project with the client’s objectives as our guide and our experience to get it done.

Phoenix Direct Warehouse